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About us

Omega School Of Industrial Management Osim is a team of dedicated safety consulting professionals whose practice is the structure and implementation of HUMAN RESOURCE, ENVIRONMENT, HEALTH & SAFETY” at workplace, corporate loss control and regulatory compliance. Every member of our staff not only holds highly technical degrees but they have practical “in-field of experience. We bring a reality of what works and what does not to every situation. As consultants, we think strategically to accomplish workplace HR & EHS goals within the big picture of your business. We speak your language and understand the performance and budget constraints that affect your decision making. As specialists in our field, we'll think through your safety and loss control issues with you.
Osim recognizes that clients not only require answers to their questions, but also seek direction on ways to anticipate problems before they arise. Osim can provide complete EHS solutions as per your requirement.

Our Vision

We as professional HR & EHS consultants at OSIM, steer and assist our customers, implement the highest standard of Environment, Health & Safety on and off work premises.

Our Mission

Create HR & EHS awareness through periodic training events; implement newest and highest standards of safety at affordable prices, offer quality service and endeavor in customer satisfaction.

The OSIM Team

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Mr.K.P. Karthikeyan - M.B.A., M.A., M.Phil., B.L. (Ph.D)
Consultant / Trainer

R.Vedanarayanan - C.A.,
Financial Consultant / Auditor
Mr.J.P. Natarajan - M.Sc., M.Phil, DIS
Consultant / Auditor

Mr. R.V.Ramanan - B.Tech
Consultant / Auditor
Mr. V Krishnamoorthy - B.Sc., DIS (RLI)
Consultant / Trainer

Mr. K.Balaji - B.E
Consultant / Auditor

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